Introducing the Hopkirk Research Institute

Animal health is under the microscope at the Hopkirk Research Institute where we have the southern hemisphere's largest concentration of health sciences for pastoral-fed animals.

Our Scientists

Our scientists are from both AgResearch and Massey University, and they collaborate on:

  • researching solutions for the sustainable control of parasitic diseases, primarily in sheep and cattle
  • evaluating more effective vaccines to combat infectious disease, including tuberculosis, Johne's disease, mastitis and pneumonia
  • identifying and predicting food poisoning threats in New Zealand and devising strategies to minimise their prevalence and impact.

We're situated on Massey University's Turitea campus at Palmerston North, adjacent to Massey's Institute for Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences (IVABS).

Our scientists enjoy their award-winning, architecturally-designed surroundings that allow an increased amount of joint research. Working at the Hopkirk assimilates the skills, expertise and knowledge of AgResearch's microbiologists and parasitologists with Massey University's clinicians, epidemiologists, pathologists and scientists.