State-of-the-art, world-class, purpose-built facilities greet our scientists when they come to work at the Hopkirk Research Institute.

Architects from Australian-based architectural and engineering company S2F worked closely with our scientists and technicians on the Hopkirk's design to ensure it was tailored to meet the needs of our staff.

The building's 3700sqm features three types of areas: laboratories, laboratory support and office space. Laboratory support services are in a centralised media preparation and wash-up area where our researchers can draw media, lab-ware, and sterile stocks.

Providing a safe environment is paramount because some of our research involves using restricted biological materials and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). To meet regulatory requirements, six labs on each of the two main floors run at a Physical Containment 2 (PC2) level of containment and another three run at PC3.

The Hopkirk's design supports the processes and procedures that are integral to research. Utilities, meeting spaces and kitchenettes encourage interaction, while glass interior walls provide visual corridors for improved safety, visual amenity and management.

For more information contact Roy Meeking at roy.meeking@agresearch.co.nz.