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14 Mar 2011   Food assurance

Food safety and market access - a holistic approach

Continued access of New Zealand's food industries to economically important export markets depends on our ability to meet the microbiological regulatory and market access requirements of that country.

We deliver the science support required to protect NZ's access to export markets and demonstrate regulatory equivalence. AgResearch has an integrated R&D programme that covers the whole of the value chain continuum from rumen to retail.

This holistic approach involves consideration of every stage in the chain from on-farm to food consumption. Our customers include NZFSA (MAF), Meat Industry Association (MIA), MSI as well as individual food processing companies.

As caretakers of NZ’s Reference Lab for Meat Microbiology, we are responsible for the Meat Industry Microbiology Methods manual, validation and auditing current microbiological methods. In support of industry we also carry out training for microbiological sampling on meat processing plants.

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