We are recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in animal health research.

Our areas of research cover

Research teams from AgResearch and Massey University are led by senior scientists who are international leaders in their respective fields.

Our science programmes aim to develop

  • new animal vaccines
  • methods of sustainable parasite control
  • advanced technologies
  • improved management systems.

Our multi-disciplinary programmes involve integrated science capability teams, as well as collaboration with external science groups. An important part of our remit is to establish and maintain strong links with national and international stakeholders, particularly those in the pastoral sector of New Zealand.

Our scientists are innovative and motivated to pursue their ideas.

Core Values

The Hopkirk's long-term success is underpinned by the constant pursuit of four core values:

  • science excellence
  • collaboration
  • commitment
  • vitality

The laboratory space and supporting facilities adapt to changing needs and stimulate our culture.